Maintenance expenses

If you plan to purchase a property in Greece, you will need to pay the following expenses:

  • In apartment buildings, a fee is charged for the removal of garbage, the operation of the elevator, services of a gardener for common areas, and etc. It should be noted that the more prestigious the area of ​​residence is, the higher are the costs;
  • You will be getting electricity bills in Greece once in two months. The cost of payment includes municipal taxes;
  • The cost of water supply depends on the meter. The invoice is issued once a quarter.

The cost of maintenance of a house or apartment in Greece consists of a tax payment, lawyer and notary fees for registering real estate in government agencies. El Greko Real Estate charges commission only from the seller of real estate, and NOT from the client.

When it comes to insurance of the acquired real estate, it is necessary to say that it isnt mandatory. If housing is acquired through mortgage, then it is necessary to pay an insurance premium equal to the mortgage. On average, for the purchased apartment you need to deposit about 200-400 euros.

El Greko Real Estate will gladly assist you in any questions related to purchasing property in Greece!